Hello again after almost a year. I have incorporated smaller changes into the web page, for instance skin switching between the "Antifascist Action" and the "Beautiful World" skin. The second piece of news is my own YouTube channel, the link is also on the left. The third story is the new track, called "One of Them". It will be published soon on this site. Until then!


First of all, I wish you a happy and free Day of Uprising Against Occupation. Second of all, I invite you to listen to the new album: Antifascist Action is available in the discography and on the right.


While waiting for the new album (it should be released soon) I present the new EP: Cuba. The title track is taken from the forthcoming album, while Havana is a completely new song. In the end there is the extended version of the popular In The Land Of The Sun. More about the EP on the right and in the discography.


There is a welcome addition to the subpage Discography: a music player. Now you can listen to the Beautiful World LP directly on this page.


I know, I know, it took a long time, but now it's here. My brand new homepage. To the left is the navigation menu (obviously) and to the right a quick link to the latest MBF release. In the menu from top to bottom: Home, it will lead you back here; Biography, a little something about me; Discography, listing all my releases so far, most of them can be downloaded for free; Photography, a place for interesting photos; Contact, so you can write me a mail; Slovensko, this page in my native language.


A new surprise from Diggarama. The guys have marked the first anniversary of their label's existence with a big compilation of songs by old friends and new faces of Diggarama. One of my songs is on it as well, it's the jazz wonder A Longlasting Night. You can get the compilation here.


Here, it's done. My first officially released album. Beautiful World LP was published today at the netlabel Diggarama. This is also the first album I produced as MBF. Originally there were 12 songs on the album and six of them are published as dig013. But ok, it's great for my first time, I can't complain. More about the album here.

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